MSNoise 1.6 Released!

More than 2 years after the last major release (MSNoise 1.5) I’m proud to announce the new MSNoise 1.6. It is a major release, with a massive amount of work since the last one: in GitHub numbers , it’s over 190 commits and over 4000 lines of code and documentation changed or added!

End of summer is also a very special period for MSNoise, as it has been 9 years since Corentin contacted Florent and that I immediately started working on this package. 2010-2019. Nine years. Wow. MSNoise has now a few thousand lines of code and more than 100 pages of documentation, it is widely used and scientists around the globe use it and even make super cool publications out of their results! So proud!

MSNoise 1.6 introduces a series of new features :

  • The workflow has been rewritten to create “job types” per step, making it easier for users to reset a jobs before a specific step.
  • This and other smaller adaptations to the code allows to run MSNoise more efficiently, e.g. on a HPC.
  • The components to compute can be defined for “single-station” and “cross-station” independently.
  • The compute_cc step has been completely rewritten to be much, much faster.
  • A new db top level command, which among others include dump and import commands for handling the tables from the database.
  • A new Interaction Examples & Gallery section of the documentation in order to demonstrate how users can interact with the MSNoise API, e.g. for creating custom plots.

As always, this version has benefited from outputs/ideas/pull requests/questions from several users/friends.

Thanks to all for using MSNoise, and please, let us know why/how you use it (and please cite it!)!

To date, we found/are aware of 70 publications using MSNoise! That’s the best validation of our project ever and it has doubled since last release!!


Full release notes for 1.6: