• 2010: MSNoise is based on Matlab, c++, csh and fortran codes developped at ISTerre/Univ. Grenoble and IPGP in the framework of the ERC Whisper project.
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  • 2011/12: MSNoise is tested on Undervolc data, and used by Corentin for his PhD thesis.
  • 2013: First release of MSNoise for the IAVCEI 2013 in Kagoshima (Release Notes).
  • 2014: Improvements and bugfixes, release 1.2.5. Publication of the SRL article (Release Notes).
  • 2015: MSNoise 1.3: MSNoise is real python package, with a documented API and new plots (Release Notes).
  • 2016: MSNoise 1.4: new web admin interface, plugin support, instrument response removal and phase weighted stacking (Release Notes).
  • 2017: MSNoise 1.5: Autocorrelation / Single Station correlation support, rewritten preprocessing, new_jobs and scan_archive for more performance, better instrument response preloading (Release Notes).