MSNoise 1.4 Released !

Hi all,

Just over a year after the last major release (MSNoise 1.3) we are proud to announce the new MSNoise 1.4. It is a major release, with a massive amount of work since the last one: in GitHub numbers , it’s over 125 commits and about 5500 new lines of code and documentation added!

MSNoise 1.4 introduces four major new features : a new ultra-intuitive web-based admin interface, the support for plugins and extensions, the phase weighted stack and the instrument response removal. It also brings the possibility to parallel/thread process the cross-correlation and the MWCS steps. MSNoise is now “tested” automatically on Linux (thanks to TravisCI) & Windows (thanks to Appveyor), for Python versions 2.7, 3.4 and 3.5. Yes, MSNoise is Python 3 compatible !!! See the full Release Notes:

This version has benefited from outputs/ideas/pull requests/questions from several users/friends:

Carmelo Sammarco
Esteban Chaves
Lion Krisher
Tobias Megies
Clare Donaldson
Aurélien Mordret
Raphaël De Plaen
Lukas E. Preiswerk
all others (don’t be mad )

Thanks to all for using MSNoise, and please, let us know why/how you use it (and please cite it!)!

To date, we found/are aware of 12 publications using MSNoise ! That’s the best validation of our project ever ! See the full list on the MSNoise website.

Thomas & Corentin

MSNoise 1.3 is Released !

8 months after the last bugfix release (MSNoise 1.2.5), and 17 months after the last major release (MSNoise 1.2) we are proud to announce the new MSNoise 1.3. It is a major release, with a massive amount of work since the last release: in GitHub numbers , it’s over 100 commits and about 3500 new lines of code and documentation added ! MSNoise 1.3 introduces a brand new way of executing the workflow. The workflow in itself doesn’t change, so experienced users as well as new users reading the SRL publication will find their way easily!

MSNoise is now a Python Package, allowing a single (and easy) install for all your projects and/or all users using pip install msnoise. The new top-level msnoise command contains all the steps of the workflow, plus new additions, as the very useful reset command to easily mark all jobs “T”odo. The msnoise plot command group which includes seven plots, all directly callable from the command line, without needing to hack/edit the source codes. About hacking: MSNoise has now a proper documented API which allows pythonistas to write their own plots, computation steps, …, while interacting with the database and the data archive! The “dynamic time lag” allows to use parts of the coda that is dependent from the interstation distance (provided station coordinates are defined). Finally, MSNoise is now tested and automatically checked by Travis-CI!

This version has benefited from outputs/ideas/pull requests/questions from several users:

  • Rebecca Kramer
  • Carmelo Sammarco
  • Oscar Alberto Castro Artola
  • Kasper van Wijk
  • Kohtaro R. Araragi
  • Esteban Chaves
  • Adrian Shelley
  • Weston Thelen
  • Robert Abbott
  • Jean Battaglia
  • Sébastien Carniato
  • Xiao Wang
  • Lion Krisher
  • Tobias Megies
  • all participants to the 2014 Pre-AGU MSNoise workshop
  • all others (don’t be mad :-) )

Thanks to all for using MSNoise, and please, let us know why/how you use it (and please cite it!)!


MSNoise in the real world of Monitoring

It’s been 16 months MSNoise 1.0 has been available on Github, and 5 months the SRL paper is out… And, to my knowledge, MSNoise is already running on cron on three sites:

  • May 2014: Running on the Auckland Volcanic Field (Kasper Van Wijk): link
  • July 2014: Running on the Piton de La Fournaise (La Réunion)
  • September 2014: Running on the “2014 South Napa Earthquake” composite network (Taka’aki Taira): link

Let me know if you use MSNoise !

MSNoise 1.2.5 released

Some bugfixes (thanks to all reporters) and improvements for this release:

  • Bugfix: station ordered by net, sta
  • Bugfix: s03 -> remove explicit MSEED
  • Bugfix: database_tools: add gps2DistAzimuth import
  • Bugfix: s07 -> left, right are now defined from the first plot
  • Improvement: Add support for manual DB.ini path
  • Improvement: Cleaner s07 plot script
  • Improvement: s03: add taper to each slice before FFT in whiten
  • Improvement: s01: add headonly=True arg to the read function, should make the archive scan faster
  • Minor Documentation update

Download Latest Release

MSNoise in SRL !

Dear MSNoise users,

I’m very pleased to announce that the paper Corentin, Florent and I submitted 1 year ago has finally been published in the Electronic Seismologist (ES) column in the May/June issue of Seismological Research Letters ! The great advantage of ES is that it is fully open access !!

here is the link :

to cite MSNoise:

Lecocq, Thomas, Corentin Caudron, et Florent Brenguier (2014), MSNoise, a Python Package for Monitoring Seismic Velocity Changes Using Ambient Seismic Noise, Seismological Research Letters, 85(3), 715‑726, doi:10.1785/0220130073.

MSNoise 1.24 released

The latest release of MSNoise has been published, it includes:

Thanks to some great early MSNoise adopters who reported problems using the mailing-list, we have identified a few bugs and tricky situations where some steps failed. This is the case for

    scan_archive: there were major issues using Threads, this step uses Process for multiprocessing, which is much safer. The only problem remaining is that there is no more console-logging of the found/identified files. To be corrected soon.

    new_jobs: mostly rewritten, all jobs are properly identified now. There should no more lost jobs !

I've also reflected those changes in the documentation.

As usual, it is available via GitHub: